Step 1

Search and find products Free

Use the searchbar to navigate in categories and find products of your interest. When finding an ad you can depending on type add a bid, buy directly or upload a quote. You can add a product to your watch-list and return to it later. Subscribe to categories to get notified when new ads are published.

  • Subscribe to categories
  • Add products to your watchlist
  • Didn´t find what you were looking for? Create a Looking for ad
Step 2

Place your bid

If the ad is an auction placing a bid is simple, you get presented with starting price, difference between your and the highest bid and the total sum.

  • Participating in an auction is free of charge.
  • Only the winner in the auction pays the service fee.
  • Use the marketplace to find new products to buy and find transport.
Step 3

Finalize the deal

When the ad ends by either expiration date or sold directly, the seller and buyer finalize the deal by contacting eachother. If the ad is a auction then information about who have won and contact details will be shared at the expiration date.

Market data
Coming soon

Stay up to date

We collect and present market data to keep you up to date with the latest prices and market movements.

  • LME - London metal Exchange, Next day data
  • ECB - European Central Bank, Currencies
  • SNW - Market data from Scrapnwaste

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