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The fair and easy scrap, waste and recycling marketplace. ScrapNWaste is bringing the scrap, waste and recycling industry into the 21st century with a unique online marketplace. We bring together buyers, sellers, machine retailers, transport and shipping companies and companies in construction, infrastructure, demolition and others involved in the industry.

What makes us unique

We provide you with a marketplace where the entire scrap, waste and recycling industry can join. Together we can create a powerful, fair and easy marketplace where you can buy and sell goods and find new business partners. It is the place where you can extend both your national and global networking and get new tools and ways to support your business.

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Who we are

The work with the Scrapnwaste marketplace was started in 2019 as a project with people with background in the scrap and waste industry. By mid 2020 a swedish identity was created, Skrotkraft AB. A powerful and strong organization was formed consisting of people with a background in the scrap and recycling industry together with people with experience and knowledge from the IT industry and B2B.

Built on trust

We know trust is essential in the waste resources industry and building a network of trusted business partners is a comprehensive effort for companies. That is why we verify each company that registers on our marketplace to ensure that everyone can make deals built on trust.

Who uses our app; Recyclingcluster

Scrapnwaste's users consist of small, medium and large companies that are in some way involved in the national and global recycling industry, including:

We welcome everyone who is involved in the global waste and recycling industry to create an account on ScrapNWaste. Join today and together we create a marketplace which is powerful, fair and built on trust for the entire line of business.

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