How do I place a bid?

You must first register an account. After completing the registration and being accepted, you can choose to bid on items you find interesting for you. If the auction or procurement is for invited only, you can ask the seller to join the ad when visiting the ad.

Can I place automatic bids?

No, not at the moment but we will update you when it is available.

I can't get the material sold

Try changing your ad to get more responses. For example, try setting a lower price, update the title, or add a more detailed description and better images. And why not trying to market your ad on social media?

I can not find the right category for my product when I create a new ad.

We try to keep the categories updated at all times to make it as user-friendly as possible. If you still are missing a category let us know. Feel free to contact us directly at support@scrapnwaste.com with your requests and improvements.

Can I upload videos when creating an ad?

No, unfortunately you can not. We do not yet have that need for our users.


Does it cost to register?

No, it is completely free to register for companies.

Why do I have to wait to be approved when registering?

We want to verify each new user to make sure it is a legitimate business in order to keep the website professional and secure for all users. This may take a little while but we work as fast as we can to get you approved and start using ScrapNWaste

Can I register and advertise without being connected to a company?

No, not right now.


What is the difference between the ad-types?

When creating an ad, you must first choose between four types of ad, Auction, Fixed price, Looking for or Procurement. If you choose Auction, a bid will be placed on your ad. Fixed price ad is where your product has a fixed price and interested buyers contact you. Looking for ads is where you describe what you are looking for. If you choose Procurement, stakeholders on your advertisement will submit electronic documentation to you.

Does it cost anything to create or participate in an auction ad?

No, it's completely free to create and participate in an auction ad. The winner of the auction pays a service fee of SEK 495 - 45 euros to Scrapnwaste via invoice or card payment.

Does it cost anything to create or participate in a procurement ad?

No, it is completely free to participate in a procurement advertisement. Creating a procurement ad costs 495 sek - 45 euros via invoice or card payment.

What is meant by Only invited when creating an auction or procurement ad?

Only invitees can bid on your ad. After creating the ad, you will be able to send an invitation to those you want to invite or to accept stakeholders who want to participate in your ad. You can also set specific payment terms against stakeholders you choose to invite.

What is meant by Open when creating an auction or procurement advertisement?

All authorized users of Scrapnwaste can view and bid on your ad.

Can I create an ad where I as an advertiser / seller have to pay to get rid of a type of material?

Yes, when creating the product, you can choose by putting a (-) in front of the starting price. Negative values ​​mean that the seller pays the sum and positive values, it is the buyer who pays.

Can I sell multiple materials in the same ad?

Yes, when creating a new ad, you can choose to add multiple products to the same ad by clicking [add more products].

What units of measurement can I choose from?

TON - KG - PCE - L - m3. Tell us if you need others units and we will try to add them.

Payment options for bidders

When you create an ad, you get several payment options to choose from, you can also choose to customize a payment option. If you want unique payment terms for each potential bidder, use the Invite Only option.

Payment options for companys

What payment options are available?

You can choose between two payment options, invoice or card payment.

My account

How do I add new users to my business account?

Log in to your account. Click on My account, Settings, Company and at the bottom of the page you will find the Company's users. There you can invite users to your account. Please note that you can only invite a limited number of people depending on which membership you have.

How do I change my billing information?

Log in to your account. Click on My account, Settings, Billing where you can change or edit your billing address. Or you click on Company where you can also find and edit your Billing address.

How do I change my membership / plan?

Log in to your account. Click on My account, Settings and Membership.