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Buy & Sell Released v0.9
Find new products/material to buy or reach out with products/material to sell.
Business Directory Released v0.9
Contact approved members and find organizations working in the recycling industry.
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Open Alpha has Closed

We have had a successful open test period, with lots of feedback from our early adopters and numerous trades taking place through our platform. After considering this feedback, we decided to take a step back and close the platform while we adapt both our business and system.

Nothing has changed in our mission to bring together the recycling industry, but we are making changes to better suit our users.

If you already had an account and didn't receive an invite for the new beta platform, it likely means we have filled all of our open spots. You can still submit your email and start using parts of the system that we have released we will open up more beta-testers as we continue to build the future for the recycling industry.

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The marketplace

Sell your products as a auction, fixed price or procurement.
Use the marketplace to find new products to buy and find transport.
Get listed and recieve transport requests.
Machine & Equipment
Sell recycling equipment, containers vehicles and other machines.

Together we create a great marketplace

We are delighted to be part of the expanding global network of recyclers and companies that are dedicated to constructing a better future through sustainable methods. Through our first version, we have gained much knowledge and now we are putting all our efforts into the next major version of Scrapnwaste.

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