Explore the features of scrapnwaste

If you join the waiting list for this marketplace, you will have the opportunity to explore all its features once you have been invited. During the beta phase, using all of these features is completely free! Don't miss out on this great chance.

The tools of scrapnwaste

Explore Scrapnwaste current alpha features.

Auction Alpha v0.5
Create an auction that other users can bid on.
Fixed price Alpha v0.9
For companies selling machines and equipment for a fixed price.
Procurement Alpha v0.2
Create a procurement and recieve quotes from companies
Transport Alpha v0.9
Find or provide transport and get transport requests
Market data Alpha v0.2
Relevant data from sources such as LME and ECB
Business Directory Beta v1.0
A list of approved companies on this marketplace


The simple way to trade

Create your auction and reach out to buyers or if you are looking for new products to buy, take a look at all the different categories. Follow your favorite categories to get notifications sent directly to your email so you don't miss out on a new auctions

  • Invite-only and Open auctions
  • Bidding is done on the marketplace
  • Find trading partners
  • Winner and seller finalize the deal outside of the platform
  • Only the winner pays the service fee
Fixed price

Fixed price

Sell your product directly

Connect with customers using the marketplace to view and sell your machines and equipment at a fixed price.

  • Find new customers
  • Use the marketplace to display your products


Find your match

Get recycling services and prices of waste materials at the beginning. Invite contractors to your procurement so that you get the best possible match.

  • Invite-only and Open procurements
  • Reach experts in the field
  • Select your business partner


From A to B

We have gathered carriers, freight forwarders and shipping companies running for the recycling industry in national and international traffic. They are connected to marketplace to leave prices on your transport.

  • Find transport
  • Get transport requests
  • Get listed on the company-list

Market data

Stay up to date

We collect and present market data to keep you up to date with the latest prices and market movements.

  • LME - London metal Exchange, Next day data
  • ECB - European Central Bank, Currencies
  • SNW - Market data from Scrapnwaste
Market Data

Company listing

Find and be found

A list of all the companies registered at scrapnwaste and working in the recycling industry.

  • Listing approved members
  • Find by profession, type and country
  • Filter by certificates and machines